funded Trader

An account that is traded by a third-party trader on behalf of a corporation is referred to as a funded trading account. Talented people with funded accounts have access to enough risk money, leverage, and purchasing power.

Depending on a trader’s preferences and comfort level, funded Traders Global comes in various tiers and sizes. Remember that you can trade stocks, indices, gold, silver, oil, digital currencies, and funded FX trader programs in addition to stocks, digital currencies, and indexes.

A specific charge, which varies based on account size, must be paid in order to participate. On a demo account, the objective is to get to 10% in as little time as possible. However, a trader must abide by a few fundamental guidelines:

  • Daily Max Loss: 4%
  • Overall Drawdown: 5%
  • Demo Account Target:10%
  • Keep 75% or compound your account, first, and withdraw whenever you want.


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